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Why to choose Hogan?

Hogan uses the powerful science of personality assessment to help organizations select the right people, develop employee talent, nurture great leaders, and impact the organizational bottom line. Trusted by 75% of Fortune 500 companies, Hogan is setting the industry standards for excellence in talent acquisition and development.


With extensive validated research on the impact of personality on organizational success, Hogan has been providing  products and services since 1987, currently serving 56 countries in 47 languages.


Hogan Assessments Tools

Why to choose Hogan?
What are the assessments based on?
What can you learn from the reports?

What are the assessments based on?

The assessments vary depending on the job definition, core competencies, cognitive and skills requirements. Every assessment is based on extensive personal trait research and is thoroughly validated.


Hogan Assessments accurately predict candidate and employee performance using tools such as 360 evaluations, “dark-side” personality, motivational traits, business reasoning, decision making, and cognitive skills.

What can the reports from the assessments tell?

The Hogan reports cover all industries / levels of the organization from blue-collar to C-level and with varied levels of detail. Common to them all is that they provide accurate and objective details.
Upon a completion of the assessments, there are a great number of different reporting options to choose, depending on the purpose of the assessment. (i.e selection, leadership / team development, safety assurance, successor planning or executive coaching),
By these supporting reports, we help to unlock the full potential of your workforce.


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